4 The Children makes a difference
in childrens’ lives in Colorado. Read on to learn how:









“CASA has been instrumental in many of my child welfare cases. In one particular case, I was the GAL for two special needs children and the CASA was fundamental in ensuring the children’s safety. The CASA met with the kids at least weekly and provided invaluable insight into the children’s needs.” – Beth

“CASA offers the gift of giving oneself to others and the rewards are overwhelming.” – CASA of the Southwest Board Member and previous CASA Volunteer

“Having access to a safe exchange program in our community helped my family get through a very difficult time period when we, as parents, could not interact in a way that felt emotionally safe for all of us. It was a huge support to know that the scheduled times our kids would move from one household to the other didn’t have to be stressful for them, or for us as parents. Having a skilled, kind caregiver available for exchange helped our kids feel comfortable with what might have otherwise been a confusing, difficult situation for them.” Former SEPT Client